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Traditions since 1770

Tradition seit 1770

The Hotel Kühl Neumünster is not only the character of each individual employee, but also the heart and soul of the sisters Kathrin and Sander Kühl. The private hoteliers with a great understanding of hospitality and personal service are leading the hotel for the eighth generation. Not only the restaurant with its regional German cuisine, but also the very personal service are among the elementary pillars of the hotel. This makes the Hotel Kühl Neumünster your second home.

We have a long tradition of eight generations to serve our quest
In 1770 Max Kühl rented the estate „adlige Hufe“ with farming besides. 7 years later he was able to own the property for his son Hinrich with the right to establish a pub. Through the next generations this pub had a very checkered history  experiencing with ups and downs of that time.
The most significant changes took place after the WorldWar II. With the currency reform the economic recovery arrived in Germany and with the aid of the new  and onward motorization the tourism also at the estate of the Kühls. Following their intuition Hans-Walter K¸hl and his father extended without hesitation  the pub to a  Hotel. Since 1969 he is managing the hotel until today. His family with his wife and daughters is on hand with help and advice for him. with the sense of hospitality of the next generation.
With our central location in the middle of North Germany, North Sea and Baltic Sea are within easy reach. Excursion to the beautiful landescape in the „Holsteinische Schweiz“ , to the Karl-May-Festspielen in Bad Segeberg, to Northern Friesland can be easliy planned and reached and the Hanseatic cities Hamburg and Lübeck attract  a lot of people in this area.